Smoked Garlic

About smoked garlic

What is smoked garlic?

Smoked garlic is a unique ingredient made by exposing whole garlic bulbs to cold smoke for an extended period of time. This process infuses the garlic with a smoky flavour that is more subtle and mellow than raw garlic.

What does smoked garlic taste like?

Smoked garlic takes on a milder, slightly sweet flavour with nutty undertones and has a very subtle smoked taste; this makes it a beautifully simple, easy-to-use ingredient.

How can smoked garlic be used?

Cold-smoked garlic is a versatile ingredient – use it as you would use fresh garlic. It can be added whole to soups and stews and simmered, chopped, or minced and used in pasta sauces, mashed potatoes, or dips. It can also be used to make a smoky aioli or mayonnaise.

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